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On Connecticut’s Gold Coast lies Greenwich, a main economic center which is home to several prominent businesses including hedge funds, major insurance companies, logistics, and more. Due to the robust economic activity, Greenwich has been growing decade after decade with a recent 2020 census showing the population to have risen to more than 63,500 residents. Along with this above average growth rate, a lot of wealth has been brought to the area, making Greenwich home to two of the wealthiest zip codes in the state, 06830 and 06831.

With such a growing population, a large amount of business activity, and a high percentage of married couples, unfortunately it’s inevitable that we must deal with situations involving personal injury and families that must go through the divorce process. Car accidents, medical malpractice situations, wrongful death, and family law matters are just some of the situations in life you hope to never deal with, but if you do find yourself in such a position, it’s important to know there are good attorney’s out there to help you through the process.

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At The Pickel Law Firm, LLC, our experienced attorney’s work to analyze every aspect of your case to make sure you are being given the best representation for your specific scenario. If you’re dealing with an injury from a motor vehicle accident or medical malpractice issue it’s important to act quickly by reaching out to an attorney to make sure nothing gets missed, including proper documentation of medical records, details of the event that occurred, and more.

Also, if your family is in the position of working through a divorce, child custody, or another family law matter, we are proud to represent you to make sure that the process goes smoothly, and the family makes it through with as little friction as possible.

When the unforeseen in life occurs, make sure to contact us at The Pickel Law Firm, LLC to discuss your situation.


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